Delaware has carefully constructed its laws to encourage businesses to incorporate here. As a result, the majority of Fortune 500 companies have incorporated in Delaware. Due to the high rate of incorporation and the complexity of the Delaware General Corporation law, many of these corporations look to the Delaware Court of Chancery—internationally recognized as corporate law experts—for dispute resolution. As noted by The Honorable Collins J. Seitz, former Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, in his introduction in the first issue of the Journal in 1976: 

The corporate law focus of this law review is most appropriate for a journal published in Delaware. It concerns an area of the law in which almost every practicing attorney is in some way interested and which touches the affairs of almost every citizen in some manner. The publication of this new journal will provide an opportunity, in this pervasive field, for suggesting new approaches to old by yet unsolved problems and for developing techniques to deal with new problems emerging from the changeable fabric of our economic life. 

Hon. Collins J. Seitz, Introduction, 1 DEL. J. CORP. L. ix (1976).