The Journal does have a pronounced corporate focus, but this should not deter those students with a non-corporate career goal from participating in our Summer Writing Competition. More than half the Journal’s members each year have no intention of practicing in the corporate arena. Additionally, Journal alumni practice in almost every area of law (see, search keyword “Delaware Journal of Corporate Law”). The Journal recognizes the diversity of its members and is flexible in its scope concerning its student authors. In the last two years, staff members have written about issue as broad as employment law, intellectual property, consumer bankruptcy, and criminal law. Because business is so pervasive in our economy, corporate law becomes intertwined with almost all other aspects of the law. While its corporate focus is what makes the Journal so valuable to its readers, its flexibility is what makes it so valuable to the student members and authors. In addition, the corporate knowledge gained through membership on the Journal will come in quite handy in Business Organizations and on the Bar (it isn’t too soon to be thinking about that!).